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Patrick Martinez

John LeschakPatrick Martinez is a Paralegal at Leschak & Associates LLC where he handles multiple case management responsibilities in a variety of matters including, but not limited to, Immigration, Family and Municipal Court. Mr. Martinez is currently an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, where he is majoring in Criminal Justice and Latin American Studies. Mr. Martinez was also an intern at the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office where he learned the procedures of the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Communications, and Special Operations divisions.

In his spare time, Mr. Martinez advocates for the rights of undocumented people at the local, state and national level. Most notably, with the help of other local organizations, he advocated for the Freehold Borough schools which were severely underfunded due to discrimination. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Martinez was a volunteer in Casa Freehold, a local immigrant justice organization.

Activities I like: Spending time with family, reading, eating, playing soccer, wrestling, and playing video games.